Tuesday, 15 December 2009

8th Nov

ecause of the nature of a blog i can't retrospectively add stuff to the beginning so this entry has been ammended and stuffed with everything that happened at the beginning.

first here are some image makers i like whose work has informed this project from the outset

Daniel Clowes, the atmosphere of his comics is amazing, they are darkly surreal his characters are sometimes bizarre, sometimes flawed but likable, sometimes monsters, always iconic. intensely atmospheric settings and Dreamlike narratives.

Paper Rad, psychadelic and playful, these comics sometimes seems as though they arent really planned just imagined as the artist goes along, simple day to day routines explored and messed up on route. Also prone to descending in to mind bending psychadelia at the drop of a hat. often i don't really read these but i love scrolling through them knowing that everything as been drawn for a purpose and that the strip is one long chronological drawing.

Then there's Tom Gauld who i like for the understated reflective content of his stories. I like the way that he'll often have a whole page full of frames which boils down to one event.

Other people i've been looking at lots are
Gustave Dore, Victorian printmaker, amazing reportage images of London. 1 2 3

Robert Crumb, the first comic book artist i really really liked, i couldn't be as honest as him but i love his drawing and it'd been a big influence

Haruki Murukami, I've been reading his novels over summer, Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World in particular is full of amazing fantastic situations but rendered really matter of factly.


Matt Furie
Charles Burns

Early in the project when i was finding it hard to get a narrative down I made a non fiction comic strip about OK soda a drink marketed at gen Xers in the early 90's by coca cola. It interesting to see how they'd tried to sell to a cynical culture and how that culture had reacted (mostly they liked the sarky ads, and design, there was a cult following but the drink didn't sell enough and was discontinued). This looked ok but I didn't edit/ rewrite my notes well enough and comic book cells arent the best way to display text.

Also around this time I made a poster for my old housemate's boyfriend's band, not strictly part of the project but as a real brief which i enjoyed working on it seems relevant to include.

David Callow tutorial, In the group presentation conversation referring to Matt Furie etc, made me re assess the power of a silent narrative and how focussing on this alone still gives me a vast scope to work within, I still want to make content led work but that content can be generated by process, and narrative construction need not be as constrictive as i had made it. Choose certain elements I want to include and then let process join up the dots. Since I have already been researching a wealth of stuff I can easily choose a few themes/motifs/feature I want to include in my narrative
Nature (romantic ideal)
8th Dec

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