Tuesday, 15 December 2009

17th Nov

A good day of character development and technique experiment. I spent some time checking out old café racer pictures of UK bikers in the 50’s and 60’s as while I will use some American biker imagery Id like to add a new visual spin to a really saturated and widely used concept. While I am using bikers as shorthand for danger/freedom etc, this doesn’t mean I have to use the same handwriting. Besides, Café racers are much cooler than hells angels. I’ve also (I think) finalized the technique I’ll be using in my final pieces, I’d like to use coloured pencils on coloured paper, this is a simple way of injecting loads of colour into images which can still be planning and conceived in black and white, Hopefully I can use diffent colours to clarify elements of the narrative too, for example showing the bikers and the kappa in opposing colours, at least at first to give them some group identity.

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