Tuesday, 15 December 2009

25th Nov

I’ve been listening to a lot of Nick Cave recently, the sound of the Proposition soundtrack in particular is so ominous and as a soundtrack seems to fit the road movie/desert setting of my strip. Also his murder/mayhem songs definitely evoke the same melodramatic tragedy I want. While there’s isn’t an obvious application for this music, I think it’s useful to think cross disciplinarily for idea generation. Also would be great to have It playing in a space where the images where displayed or used in an animation.

also I've been listening to a Velvet Underground song i hadn't heard before called Sad Song, to me it seems be about living in a bit of a fantasy world and the (minor) sadness that accompanies a return to reality. with this in mind I've been imagining a comparison of the biker murder with petty everyday incident, kid on bike etc

today I had a tutorial, was shown the work of Phillipe Guston which was a really good visual cue in terms of textural qualities and a cartoonish style made serious. Also encouraged to extend the narrative, world creation is definitely something I’m interested in as far as narrative fiction is concerned. In inventing a scenario you can control everything that happens regardless of convention.

Exhibition went really well, the palettes fitted into the space fine and channelled people just as we’d hoped, I was pleased that we had a lot of work to show and auction as well, as I think it’s nice to give people something to pour over rather than expecting them to look at a few pictures for ages

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