Tuesday, 15 December 2009

10th Nov

considering the subject of my dissertation –the recuperation of aesthetic by main stream culture, it can be said that illustration is mainstream culture but nonetheless it might seem self important but I’d like to make work which can operate outside of mainstream culture. With this in mind I’ve been thinking bout making work with a conscious lack of style, illustrators such as café royal aka Craig Atkinson and ShoboShobo make lovely naive drawings but I want to experiment with leaving aesthetic concerns behind completely and concentrating entirely on content, even forgetting any kind of consistency as long as the images can explain this content they serve a purpose. The analogy I can use is that lots of books use generic or mainly functional language but the things they choose to describe and explain drive the story and keep the audience interested. I know visual language is far more complicated but I still want to see if I can make a piece of ugly illustration which still works. With this in mind I’m going race through a story on one A1 sheet and while I don’t expect this to really work at least when it’s done I’ll have a story I can refine.

Achewood is a good reference point for this idea. While most of the content is in the text, the images make this content understandable and although they are really simple sometime reeeally funny.

Also I've been imagining a moving comic strip of a bike journey, from the point of view of the rider, i've planned it out in my sketchbook and can imagine it really well. I'd love to project it in a dark room with loud music (probably the living end by the jesus and mary chain) It would be great to make a completely immersive drawing in this way.

This amazing animation called The Black Dog's Progress kind of describes what i mean by a moving comic strip. Although mine wouldn't be as complex or unfold in the same way.

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