Tuesday, 15 December 2009

19th Nov

I’ve been trying to finalize a layout/format for my final images,

Option 1: a series of A4 portrait images presented in a book or in sequence on a wall. I think this approach will give the narrative a solid drive and steady pace, I like the simplicity of turning the page every time you want the next instalment rather than manouvering your way down a page or across a wall. Many of my favorite comics utilize a very steady stream of panels which allows for the convincing passage of time.
Option 2: a sporadic wall layout utilizing different sized papers and a quite irregular layout. This approach allows for a more complicated narrative structure, e.g. the positioning of characters above or below an event, or just placing an image of a landscape or other non essential narrative elements adjacent to the action. (the Maakies strip uses small topper, this could be used to tell a simultaneous but separate narrative). On the other hand I think it has a tendency to compress the time frame of a story, somehow everything seems to happen simultaneously. Also a book is a product which can be bought, sold, disseminated, read on the bus or kept in your house far more easily.

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