Tuesday, 15 December 2009

8th Dec

in the last week I’ve been plotting out the other two grids and getting them painted, it’s amazing how once you story board something there are instantly loads of new image combinations and plot directions available.

Especially when your narrative has no fixed destination it becomes very easy to allow the design to influnce the narrative, which s a really interesting process and one which really emphasizes the differences between visual meaning and written meaning. What makes sense conceptually often doesn’t really hold together visually in the same way.
Now I have the final two “chapters more or less finished I’m going to get my friend Roman who des commercial photography to help me shoot and print them to professional standard slightly smaller than A3.
Inbetween chapters if I had more time I would like to have an intermediary/concluding image drawn using a more labour intensive and highly detailed crosshatching style. As a counterpoint to the more blunt ink paint and newsprint.

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